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Volume 6 Issue 7

Estate Sale starting July 23
By Co-Owner: Bonnie Meier

Starting July 23 at 10:07 a.m. we are having another estate sale. We have our full 400 items this time. In fact, we have quite a few things we didn’t have room for so we are considering doing this again in September. We have advertised quite extensively in the Sioux City area, the Sioux Falls area and the Lakes area plus we will have ads on the LeMars radio, so we are hoping to have a large turnout.

We have some very unique items this time from around the world. The sale will also include quite a few very old dolls, both some small ones and larger ones and other toys vintage around 1950 or older. We also have four flats of nice old jewelry, a nice clock and several items with tulips.


Christmas in July
By Co-Owner: Bonnie Meier

We are celebrating Christmas in July and have 33 Santas from the International Santa Claus Collection all available at 20% off. We have Santas from 28 different countries and several from the United States, two from Russia, two from Greece and two from Germany. We also have Christmas needlework projects on sale as well as Christmas ornaments.

We even had our store Christmas party last week (it is so busy around the real Christmas that we decided to celebrate later). We had 16 people attend our store party at the Nederland Café in Orange City. The only full time people who work are my husband and myself, but we have 7 others who help us on a part-time basis. They all bring special skills and talents and we are grateful for all their expertise and help.


Like us on FaceBook
By Co-Owner: Bonnie Meier

We are trying to be pretty faithful about putting information about us on Facebook. If you "Like" Jubon Juweelen, you will see information about our latest sales and promotions. You can "like" the Orange City Chamber as well to find out what is going on in our little town.


Juliana Wins the US Open Flying Disc Championships
By Co-Owners: Bonnie Meier and Juliana Korver

If you've been in our store, you have most likely noticed our wall of "Frisbees". They are actually disc golf discs. Juliana, the JU of Jubon, used to tour full time playing disc golf. She has taken almost a ten-year hiatus from competition, but at the start of this year began training for the US Open Flying Disc Championships. This is an "Overall" event similar to the heptathlon or decathlon in that the winner is determined by the accumulation of points they receive for competing in 7 flying disc events: discathon, disc golf, double disc court, distance, self caught flight, accuracy, and freestyle.

Juliana is new to "Overall" competitions and has been training diligently for the many different disciplines. Last week she got to test her skills at the US Open in Fredericksburg, VA. Proving that hard work pays off, she swept the 5 individual events and placed 4th and 3rd in the two paired events. She decidedly won the women's overall and is already looking forward to 2015's largest event which will be held in Sweden next July.

Here is an idea what each of the 7 events is like:

Discathon - this is a timed event where you carry 3 discs and your disc has to pass through a number of obstacles along the way. Courses are about 1 km long, but you must throw from where your last throw landed, so unless you are very accurate, you will be running farther than the course length. There are 3 tests along the way, if you do not successfully complete the test, then there is an additional mandatory that your disc must traverse. Typically 5 people run the course at the same time so getting out in front in the beginning is helpful.

Disc golf is golf with discs and is one of the most well known of the 7 events.

Double Disc Court (DDC) is kind of like tennis with discs or volleyball with discs. There are 2 people per team. There are two courts that are 13 meters square and are positioned 17 meters apart. To start each point, each side has one disc. The service happens simultaneously. A point is scored for the opposing team if you throw your disc outside of their court or if you fail to catch a disc that lands in your court. But the main strategy comes from the attempt to "double" the other team. If a team is ever touching both discs at the same time, that is a double and it gives the other team 2 points. So teams "attack" and time their shots so that both discs are coming into a court at the same time. The defending team can tip (knock the disc up into the air) one of the discs, while the other partner catches and throws to avoid a double. This is a fast, complicated game that is by far my favorite Frisbee event.

Distance is self explanatory. You get 5 tries in a certain amount of time. Your longest throw is measured and compared to everyone else in your division.

Self Caught Flight is comprised of 2 similar throw/catch events that are combined for your self caught flight score. The first is called Maximum Time Aloft (MTA). You throw a disc into the air and catch it with one hand. The amount of time that the disc is in the air is your score. The second event is called Throw Run Catch (TRC). With TRC you must also throw a disc into the air and catch it, but with this event, your score is the distance you travel from the time you release the disc to the time you catch it. You get 5 attempts in each MTA and TRC and the top score in each is combined for your total self caught flight score

Accuracy is the art of throwing the disc through a target. The target is a 1.5 meter square 1 meter off the ground. There are 7 stations from which you throw 4 attempts at each station. If the disc passes through the target it counts as a "hit" and gives you 1 point. There are 28 points possible.

Freestyle is the second paired event. It combines music with fancy spins, catches, and other tricks. It is a judged event thus making it the only subjective event in the competition.

For more information about this years US Open, visit the website http://www.flyingdisc2014.com/

For more information about the events that make up the overall and the overall governing body, The World Flying Disc Federation, visit the website http://wfdf.org/