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Volume 5 Issue 7

Beautiful Cradle to be featured
By Co-Owner: Bonnie Meier

In 1977 Reverend David Ter Beest handcrafted a beautiful solid walnut cradle that was used by many of his grandchildren. He is trying to downsize and brought the cradle to Jubon Juweelen to sell. We put $350 on it because that is what a similar one would cost. However, Dave thinks that is too much and would consider a best offer. I think you will be amazed with the quality of workmanship in the spindles and other parts of the cradle.

Our August window will also feature other items used by infants or small children. Another consignee will be bringing in a high chair that folds down into a chair near the ground in which a child can play. We will be adding some other infant/toddler friendly items to our August window display (unless some of these items sell before then).


Estate sale

By Co-Owner: Bonnie Meier

The estate sale held the last three days of June was a big success. It was a new experience for us and one that we will most likely repeat. We sold quite a bit the first two days at the prices we originally put on the items. The third day we had a progressive sale coming down 10% the first hour, 20% the second, until we reached 50% off. We went down from 5 tables with over 400 items to 2 tables. We will continue to sell from the two tables until the end of July. We are in the process of debating whether to come down another 10 – 25 % for the last few days and then the first of next month we will send whatever is left back to the owners to do with what they want. If we do this again, it will most likely be around the middle of September. We are thinking of gathering items from several estates and will follow a procedure similar to what we did before. Please check our facebook messages for more details.


E-bay sales

By Co-Owner: Bonnie Meier

Although we started selling for others on E-Bay right after the first of the year, we are just now getting a little more experienced at it. At first it took a long time to figure out all the options, but now it is getting to be fun. A man came in about two weeks ago with three very nice golf clubs. He had Buy It Now (BIN) prices on two of them and they both sold within 24 hours. The club with an auction bid just sold on the 20th of July for $32.50 over his asking price. It is extremely important that we keep a positive rating with our selling and right now we don’t have enough ratings to really give people confidence in us. However, we are working on this and the ratings that we do have are 100% positive and we will work hard to keep it that way.


Sale on dutch tapestry bags

By Co-Owner, Bonnie Meier

Currently we are offering Dutch Tapestry bags (made in Holland) at 25% off. Originally we had several smaller bags, but they sold quite quickly. These are a little larger and come in two different styles. Normal prices for these bags run from $40 - $50. They are made of a burgundy, green and blue design with Dutch windmill scenes throughout. They are a good bag to carry knitting or other projects in or an extra bag to carry on to an airplane while traveling. We only have a few available and when they are gone the sale is over (doesn’t carry over to any new ones we may order).


New discs

By Co-Owner Bonnie Meier

We have just received a new shipment of Innova discs for all the disc golfers out there. We also have a few used discs left. Our season didn’t start as early this year as last because of the cold spring, but many are really getting into it now.


Featured Personnel: Arlys Oolman

By Arlys Oolman

I’m Arlys Oolman, am married to Cliff Oolman and have lived in Orange City almost all my life. I’ve known Bonnie almost 60 years (from school days) and Lee almost as long since he is a brother to my sister-in-law, Eulyn Oolman. (OK, that’s all the Dutch Bingo!) I’m supposed to be retired but when Jubon Juweelen opened, I told Bonnie I would help out as a substitute employee and really enjoy the times I’m able to work, to meet the customers and be of assistance. The notions have been a part of my life from way back as I have always been a seamstress for my family and also when I sewed draperies for both drapery stores in Orange City several years ago and when I had my own business. I also worked at the Old Factory for many years so the wooden shoes and Delft are very familiar to me. Since Cliff and I have been interested in antiques as well, her sales in antiques are of interest to me, too. Cliff has been in the floor covering business for over 50 years.

Cliff and I have been married almost 54 years and have 3 children, Lisa Laird (husband Alan) of Orange City, who is a puppeteer and ventriloquist, with her business of Pockets Full of Fun; Greg Oolman, of Orange City, who with his wife, Melissa, have just opened a floor covering, design, décor, and gift store called Dwellings in Alton; and Mike Oolman (wife Sue) of Phoenix, AZ who works as a police drug detective with the Phoenix police department. We have 6 grandsons, 1 granddaughter, and 1 great-granddaughter.

Cliff and I have been wintering in Arizona for several years and hope to continue as health allows us to since we have family there and enjoy spending time with them and especially to watch our youngest grandsons in their activities. While there, we spend a couple days a week volunteering at a children’s home called Sunshine Acres where Cliff helps out in maintenance and I help in their boutique and warehouse in sales and set up. It’s a wonderful place to use our gifts and time for the children they minister to there.

Bonnie and Lee are a pleasure to work for and it is my hope this business endeavor for them will continue to be successful in the years to come.