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Volume 5 Issue 11

Thanksgiving promotion
By Co-Owner: Bonnie Meier

For the last couple of weeks people who have been coming into our little store have been signing up for the drawing of a free turkey for Thanksgiving. The winner was Mary Zeutenhorst from Orange City. Congratulations, Mary! Enjoy your turkey.

And to everyone out there HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Christmas Promotions
By Co-Owner: Bonnie Meier

We will be featuring several promotions between now and Christmas. Currently all the Christmas decorations on a Delft tree, a silver tree in the window and a wire tree in the antique room are all 25% off until Thanksgiving. We are also featuring a special table with Christmas items at 25% off. The Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving any item purchased for a child will be 25% off. That includes children’s books, stuffed animals, puzzles and games. We’ll have some more specials in December. Check our face book page for the latest details.


New items

By Co-Owner: Bonnie Meier

New items for us this year include chocolate letters. We have them both in milk chocolate and dark chocolate. We have found that the dark chocolate has been the most popular for adults, probably because there have been articles stating that dark chocolate is good for you. You might want to get your letters early because there are only a few of each letter and I know that as we get close to Christmas we won’t even be able to order certain letters. I believe that our supplier only carries these at Christmas time and when they are out of certain letters, they are out.

Other new items include a great plenty of Clover knitting and crocheting accessories including needles of all sizes, stitch holders, point protectors, needle cases, etc. A very nice yarn shop in Marshall, Minnesota went out of business and we bought all her Clover supplies as well as a many Dill buttons. Dill buttons are very unique and you can buy them one at a time.


Featured Personnel: Fran Muilenburg

By Co-Owner Bonnie Meier quoting information Lanette posted in Jubon Juweelen

Lanette Korver is an artist in her own right. Almost since we opened the store over three years ago she has been bringing in Stitch by Stitch Cards. The cards are totally done by hand, using a regular sewing needle and thread. “The art was developed in Holland in the 1970s by a Dutch designer named Erica Fortgens. The Victorians produced some extraordinarily beautiful cards, which form an important part of the heritage they bequeathed to us. On the average – from start to finish, many of Lanette’s cards take 1 ½ to 2 hours to create. Others 3 to 4 hours and some of the more detailed cards take up to 8 hours to finish. The cards are also beautiful when matted and framed.” She hopes that they bring joy to others. Lanette has cards for all occasions including birthday, Christmas, sympathy, and special occasions.

This year Lanette has also brought in some beautiful quilted Christmas decorations. They are very intricate and we have already sold several of them. Most feature quilting designs, but a few are in the school colors of the MOC-Floyd Valley Dutchmen and the Unity Knights.


Perusing through our guest book


By Co-Owner Bonnie Meier

Since our last newsletter we have had guests sign our guest book from Oklahoma, Minnesota, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Michigan, California and all over Iowa. We also had a guest sign from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. We know we missed getting signatures from several of our visitors. We especially love it when the parents and friends of students at Northwestern and Dordt College visit. Many of them have Dutch connections.