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Volume 4 Issue 9

Alton Reformed Church

By Sales Representative: Rick Roghair

Jubon welcomes Alton Reformed Church to the Alton map.

Alton Reformed Church, located at 305 8th Street, offers worship and ministries for all ages. Rev. Scott Bonestroo is our pastor. Our mission is: Loving God with everything… Loving people without exception. Contact us at 712-756-4187 or arcchurch@midlands.net. Worship is on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. We embrace the Bible as God’s Word for today and for all time.  We believe it is the only reliable guide for our beliefs and for the way we live.  We believe Jesus Christ is God’s Son, and that He is the Savior of all who believe in Him.  As we follow Him, He makes every area of our lives new.  He gives us peace and joy, and He fills our hearts with love.  We believe preaching must spring from the teachings of the Bible, and it must help us face issues of everyday life.

Youth Ministries are directed by Matt Gray. School year ministry includes CrossTraining (Sunday School) for Grades 6 -12 on Sundays at 10:45 a.m.; Middle School IMPACT for Grades 6-8 on Sundays at 4:00 p.m.; and Senior High IMPACT for Grades 9-12 on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. Youth from American Reformed Church in Orange City are combined with our youth. Summer opportunities include High School COMPASS, a 7 day faith-based wilderness canoe experience; and Middle School CAIRN, a 5 day faith-based backpacking experience. Youth also complete service projects and conduct MOMENTUM, their own worship service.

Children’s Ministries are directed by Rick Roghair. School year ministry includes CrossTraining (Sunday School) for ages nursery through grade 5 on Sundays at 10:45 a.m.; Kids in Christ’s Kingdom (K.i.C.K.) for grades K-5 on Tuesday and Thursday after school; and LOGOS for grades 1-5 on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. Summer ministry includes Alton Area Vacation Bible School during the first full week of June for ages 3 through completing grade 5 on Sunday through Thursday evenings.

Adult Ministries include CrossTraining on Sundays at 10:45 a.m.; Bible Studies; other study groups; Men’s Softball; KeenAgers; service projects; and a variety of other experiences.


Jubon Juweelen's Birthday Party

By Co-Founder: Bonnie Meier

Don’t forget to put November 1, 2, and 3 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) on your calendars to help celebrate Jubon Juweelen’s 2nd birthday. We will again have balloons to pop for discounts from 10 – 40%, free balloon give-away and an atmosphere of party and fun. Come to Jubon Juweelen for holiday gifts, Christmas decorations, Sinterklaas collectibles, Dutch Imports, antiques, disc golf discs, notions, books and fine art.


New Customers in Alton

By Sales Representative: Rick Roghair

Jubon welcomes Zestos to the Orange City map.

2012 has proven to be an exciting and eventful time for Zestos. As our ministry continues to grow and develop, we can still be found knocking on the door of a family in need, armed with nothing more than a willing spirit, a bag of groceries, and the love of Jesus. Zestos continues to serve in the following ways:

INCREASE the awareness of needs in our communities and ENCOURAGE participation to help fill those needs

We continue to lead The Shepherd’s Table banquet ministry locally, while helping to establish similar ministries throughout a growing area. These ministries provide an increased awareness of needs and a unique opportunity to serve, to fellowship, and to witness as we all become better at loving one another. Currently, we distribute food and other resources to more than 500 families each month through these ministries in Orange City, Sioux Center, Le Mars, Hawarden, Rock Valley, and Meriden. Similar efforts continue to form in other areas, including Sheldon and Rock Rapids.

GATHER food, clothing, and a variety of other resources

Our effort to gather food, clothing, and other resources for those in need is ongoing. As the demand increases, we are constantly in search of additional resources and services. The need is great, but the compassion and generosity continually prove to be even greater!

DISTRIBUTE resources directly to those in need, partnering with churches and other agencies

The Zestos food distribution network includes more than thirty churches and other Christian agencies which span a four-county area sharing 400 to 500 bags of groceries each month. These churches and Christian agencies encourage their members to reach out in the name of Jesus, caring for those in need.

PROVIDE a well publicized community helpline

The final steps for establishing the Zestos helpline are nearly complete. Our goal is to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, guiding troubled people from isolation to fellowship by providing someone to talk to, someone to pray with, and to offer a hand up in the time of need.

Thrift and Christian Needs

The Zestos Flea For All, which began as a weekend fundraiser has developed into a full-time Christian thrift center, The Shepherd’s Closet. We discovered when we keep the fundraising motive secondary and put needs first, we can give a break to those that are struggling by making things available based on what folks are able to pay.

Transitional Housing Facility

Recently, a three-bedroom mobile home was donated to Zestos for use as a transitional housing facility. We have frequently found that families and individuals are in need of shelter during a time of transition or turmoil in their lives. We now have the opportunity to provide for this need.

Much has been accomplished. Lives have been touched and needs have been met in the name of Jesus! Still, there is much more that needs to be done. Looking forward, we covet your prayers, your participation, and your financial support as this adventure of “Faith in Action” continues.

Zestos contact information is Zestos Inc., P.O. Box 314, Orange City, IA 51041, 712-756-4456.