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JUBON Tutorial: Options Menu

By Co-Founder: Juliana Korver

The Options menu drop down allows you to control some of the actions of the map. The following controls are listed in this menu:

  • Keep Popups on Map/Do Not Keep Popups on Map
  • Clear Screen of all Popups
  • Scroll Left 1 Block
  • Scroll Right 1 Block
  • Scroll Up 1 Block
  • Scroll Down 1 Block
  • Turn off Automatic Scrolling
  • Find the Car
  • Return Map to Original Position

Keep Popups on Map:
The default is to only show one billboard (or business popup) at a time. If for some reason you would like to see more than one at a time, then you should click on this menu item. After selecting this, them menu item will change to "Do Not Keep Popups on Map". If you want to switch back to the default of only one billboard on the screen at a time, then click "Do Not Keep Popups on Map". In order to make this option more practical, you can click on the icon representing the business you are interested in to open it's billboard directly.

Clear Screen of all Popups:
This item becomes necessary when you choose to keep popups on the map as it doesn't take long before the map is over crowded with billboards. When that happens, choose this option and all the billboards will disappear.

Scroll Left 1 Block:
This is an alternative way to move the map around. Click on this item and the map shifts so you can see 1 more block on the left of the map.

Scroll Right 1 Block:
Click on this item and the map shifts so you can see 1 more block on the right of the map.

Scroll Up 1 Block:
Click on this item and the map shifts so you can see 1 more block at the top of the map..

Scroll Down 1 Block:
Click on this item and the map shifts so you can see 1 more block at the bottom of the map.

Turn off Automatic Scrolling:
By default when you drive the Jubon 8 to the edge of a map, the map will automatically shift to allow any billboards at the edge enough room to be displayed. If instead, you would like the map to remain static and move only upon your request, then click this menu item.

Find the Car:
Clicking on this item will reposition the map so that the car is centered in the middle of the screen and towards the top of the browser window.

Return Map to Original Position:
If the map has been moved from it's original position, click this item to recenter it.

We hope this helps you find what you are looking for as you roam the streets on Jubon.


Orange City, Iowa celebrates Tulip Festival May 13, 14 & 15

By Co-Founder: Bonnie Meier

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 13, 14 and 15, Orange City will celebrate the Annual Tulip Festival. Over 100,000 visitors come to see the parade, the tulips, and the many other activities available while the community celebrates their Dutch heritage. The night show this year will be Bye Bye Birdie You can find out all the details by logging onto the Orange City site at Jubon.biz. Drive the Jubon8 (little red car) to city hall and click on the Tulip Festival site on the city's web page.


Around the World in 103 Days

By Co-Founders: Bonnie Meier

Co-founder Bonnie Meier and her husband Lee are on a once-in-a-lifetime trip cruising around the world on Cunard's Queen Victoria.  They boarded the ship on Friday, January 15.  You can follow Bonnie and Lee's adventures by following her on Facebook or Twitter.  They will be repeated in the Jubon Journal:

Day 68. Back to Malaysia. In port at Port Kelang. I'm sitting in a Starbucks with free Wi-Fi. Beautiful shopping mall.

Day 70 At port in Port Kelang (port of Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia. Went on interesting shore excursion, but temperature over 100 degrees F. Also, humid.

Day 71. At Sea in the Indian Ocean. Good speakers today. Nice to take it easy after three days in three different ports (all hot).

Day 72. At sea in the Indian Ocean. Tomorrow we will be in India.

Day 73. In port in Cochin, India. Interesting.

Day 74. Sailing the Arabian Sea on the way to Mumbai, India.  Had to close curtains in evening so that the ship would be blacked out in case there are pirates nearby.

Day 75. At port in Mumbai, India. Appears to be a cleaner city than Cochin even though there are many, many slums. The difference between the rich and the poor is significant.

Day 77. Nice Palm Sunday service on board ship. Razor wire has been installed on the back of the ship to prevent pirates from boarding.

Day 78. Muscat, Oman. Beautiful clean community. Took a taxi to see Palace where legislation is carried on. 

Day 79. Easter Sunday. Nice service on ship. In Dubai, United Arab Emirate. The new 202 story tall building can be seen from our window.

Day 80. Still in Dubai. Back to an upscale mall with free Internet to get caught up with e-mail, etc.

Day 81. We had a drill this morning on what to do if pirates board the ship. We have blackouts at night and helicopter and ship escorts.

Day 82. In port in Salalah, Oman. Wild camels by the road side. Very hot. Nice clean country. Stores closed between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00.

Day 83. We are in the most dangerous waters today just north of Somalia. Blackouts will continue for the next week, however.

Day 84. Lee and I are platinum members now. That means 8 hours of free internet on each segment. Sailing in the red sea now.

Day 85. We are in the middle of the Red Sea (the one Moses crossed over). We are about 50 miles from Saudi Arabia (east) and Egypt (west).

Day 86 Visited the Lost City of Petra. Fascinating. Saw where Moses buried his brother, Aaron. Rode a camel, horse and cart. Fun.

Day 87 Bonnie went to St. Catherine's Monastery in Egypt. Saw Mount Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Saw the burning bush.

Day 88. Traveling through the Suez Canal today.

Day 89. Sailing on the Mediterranean Sea. On the homeward stretch. Stop in Greece tomorrow.

Day 90. Walked in the steps of St. Paul in Ancient Corinth, Greece. Beautiful weather. A little cooler than most of our trip

Day 91. Sailed the Strait of Messina, between Sicily and Italy on the way to Cititechia, the port for Rome.

Day 92. Took our last shore excursion on this adventure - to Tuscania in Italy. Beautiful spring day. Everything is so green - like Iowa.

Day 93. Sailing on the Mediterranean Sea heading for England. Started packing for the transfer to the Queen Mary.

Day 94. Sailed through the Straits of Gibralter. Really smooth sailing today. The ship auctioned off some memorabilia. Bought life preserver.

Day 95. Back in the Atlantic Ocean sailing north off the coast of Portugal. Getting ready to label our luggage for the transfer to the Queen Mary on Thursday.

Day 96. Packing for transfer to Queen Mary. Bitter sweet to have our last dinner on board Queen Victoria. Looking forward to going home, but have really made some great friends.

Day 97. Transferred to Queen Mary 2 in Southampton, England. Not an easy process, but nestled in our new home for the next week. Now onto the Atlantic and back to the USA.