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JUBON Tutorial: Categories

By Co-Founder: Juliana Korver

While browsing one of our Jubon communities, look at the top of the page to find a menu. The first menu item is "Quick Find" followed in proximity and utility by "Categories". The two menus can be used in conjunction to facilitate your Jubon experience.

The Categories menu should be self evident in that when you click on this menu you will find a list of categories. They are as follows: Service Providers, Retail, City/Non-profit, Financial, and Health/Wellness. If you click on one of these items, you will find a more detailed list of subcategories. Each of which is preceded with a checkbox. If there is a check mark in the box preceding a specific subcategory, then all businesses who wish to be identified by that item will show on the map. By default, all items are checked. If you wish to clear the map of all icons, then click on the "Hide All" button at the top of the menu. Similarly, if you want to show all items on the map then you can click "Show All" at the top of the Categories menu.

The Quick Find menu works together with Categories. If all the categories are selected, then all the businesses on the map will be listed in the Quick Find. As you limit the items in the categories list, you will also limit the businesses that show up in the Quick Find. If you click on a business in the Quick Find menu, the Jubon 8 (the little red car) will drive directly to the location of the business selected and will open the corresponding billboard.

We hope this helps you find what you are looking for as you roam the streets on Jubon.


Jubon to Attend 2010 MACE Conference

By Co-Founder: Bonnie Meier

Jubon is pleased to help sponsor the 2010 MACE Conference (Mid-America Chamber Executives) which includes five states including Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. The conference will be held at the Inn Resort in Okoboji, Iowa June 9, 10, and 11. Jubon will have an exhibit table at the conference and will be giving a short promotional message during the program. We hope to see old friends and meet new ones at the conference.



Around the World in 103 Days

By Co-Founders: Bonnie Meier

Co-founder Bonnie Meier and her husband Lee are on a once-in-a-lifetime trip cruising around the world on Cunard's Queen Victoria.  They boarded the ship on Friday, January 15.  You can follow Bonnie and Lee's adventures by following her on Facebook or Twitter.  They will be repeated in the Jubon Journal:

Day 40. Feb. 24 In port in Adelaide, Australia. Best shore excursion yet. Visited Cleland Wildlife and pet and fed kangaroos, koalas, etc.

Day 41. Feb 25 At sea. Both Lee and I have what people call the Cunard cough, but it hasn't hampered our activities.

Day 42. Feb 26 At sea again. Washed clothes, got a new library book, listed to a lecture on Thailand. The story "The King & I" is banned there.

Day 43. Feb 27 At port in Albany, Australia. Lots of info on the Australian Light Horse Brigade. People are proud being descended from prisoners .

Day 44. Feb 28 Got caught up in traffic for a concert with Tom Jones. About an hour late returning to ship. That wasn't just Lee and me late, it was our whole tour. The ship will never leave when a tour isn't back yet. HOT.

Day 45. March 1 Monday. At sea in the Indian Ocean. Finished another book. It supposed to be over 100 degrees tomorrow in Western Australia.

Day 46. March 2 At port in Exmouth, Australia. Over 100 degrees today. Saw what the Australian bush looks like. Ground is red. Emus common.

Day 47. March 3 At sea in the Indian Ocean. Will cross the equator going north tomorrow.

Day 48. March 4 We are one day ahead of everyone back home.

Day 49. March 5 Actually crossing the equator today. There are four people from Cincinatti, Ohio who sit next to us at dinner. They are doing a wonderful blog of the whole trip with lots of pictures. The address is www.jeterworks.net

Day 50. March 6 Back in the northern hemisphere. Almost 1/2 way through our trip. Majority of people on board are Australian right now. At sea in the China Sea.

Day 51. March 7 At port in Kona Kinabalu, Malaysia. Went to a cultural village where the guide was the 7th generation of a man who cut off 42 heads which are still displayed in a "sacred" hut.

Day 52. March 8 At sea Wonderful evening show. Both Lee and I are healthy again.

Day 53. March 9 At sea in the South China Sea. Good Cunard Insights (talks by experts).

Day 54. March 10 In port at Hong Kong. Wonderful city. One of the most exciting yet. Weather cool -- feels good (has been hot and humid).

Day 55. March 11 Second day in Hong Kong. Found free wi-fi in a shopping mall. Getting caught up with messages.

Day 56. March 12 Sailing the South China Sea.

Day 57. March 13 Shanghai, China. Beautiful silk. Huge city -- over 20 million. Almost doubled population in last ten years.

Day 58. March 14 We are stuck in the busiest port in the world -- Shanghai, China -- and not a thing is moving. We have to traverse 45 miles down the Yangtze River before we will be out to sea again and it is very foggy. The port is closed. We were supposed to have left port last night at 7:30 p.m. This will most likely affect something in our future schedule, but they don't know what yet.

Day 59. March 15 We are no longer stuck in port. About 6:00 this morning we pushed away from the pier and are currently traveling down the Yangtze River heading for the East China Sea. We are about 30 hours behind our normal schedule

Day 60. March 17 Rough seas. On our way to Thailand. Good to be moving again.

Day 61. March 18 Beautiful day. 79 degrees, blue skies and blue water. On our way to Vietnam.

Day 62. March 19 Getting warm again. Sailing the South China Sea. In port in Vietnam tomorrow.

Day 63. March 20 In port in Phu My, Vietnam. Went on shore excursion to see Buddist Temple, whale museum and market. Big rat in market.

Day 64. March 21 At sea again in Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea. Water getting more blue daily (sea around China was brown).

Day 65. March 22 Rode elephants in Pattaya, Thailand. Although some tours went to Bangkok, some were cancelled due to unrest in the city.

Day 66. March 23 Watched monkeys pick coconuts in Ko Samui, Thailand, a beautiful tropical paradise, although very hot.

Day 67. March 24 At Sea in the Gulf of Thailand. The most challenging problem so far has been trying to secure a washer and dryer in the launderette.