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By Co-Founder: Bonnie Meier

On January 1, Jubon celebrated its first birthday.  Jubon became live on the web on January 1, 2009 with 20 clients from Orange City.  Since then three more communities (Sioux Rapids, Osage, and Nashua) have been added and approximately 80 more clients.  Weekly 300 - 500 customers check out the site.  On April 24, 2009 we added a monthly newsletter called the Jubon Journal.  The Journal is e-mailed to a couple of hundred addresses and we always notice a jump in hits right after the journal is published.  The first Jubon Administrative Zine, published especially for Jubon Administrators, was published in December.  A nice ad was placed in the Siouxland Press the week of January 11 thanking all our clients and customers for their support during our first year.


Summer Plans

By Co-Founder: Bonnie Meier

This summer will begin with a booth on June 9 and 10 at the Great Lakes Conference with Chamber Directors from six states.  Juliana and Bonnie will be calling on several communities that host disc golf tournaments to make the site more valuable to disc golf players who travel the tournament circuit.  We are currently visiting with SE Iowa and are following up with communities that showed an interest at the Cedar Falls Chamber of Commerce Director's meeting.  We will be following up with some California interests as well as other states.  Who knows - maybe Bonnie will find some international clients on her Grand Voyage.


Latest Nashua Addition

By Co-Founder: Bonnie Meier

Cedar Hill Development is the latest Nashua site. It is represented by a house icon on the northeast side of Nashua. Their website http://www.cedarhilldevelopment.com has wonderful pictures of 20 acres of lots. Check it out.


Around the World in 103 Days

By Co-Founders: Bonnie Meier

Co-founder Bonnie Meier and her husband Lee are on a once-in-a-lifetime trip cruising around the world on Cunard's Queen Victoria.  They boarded the ship on Friday, January 15.  You can follow Bonnie and Lee's adventures by following her on Facebook or Twitter.  They will be repeated in the Jubon Journal:

On January 13 Lee and I traveled down to Fort Lauderdale to begin our adventure. Everything went very well except for one thing. Deb dropped us off at the airport in Omaha. No lines at all for Frontier. Flew to Denver, then to Fort Lauderdale. Watched TV all the way down.

The one thing that I messed up on was the fact that I made our reservations so long ago that I wasn't sure of the name of the hotel we were staying at and I left our paperwork at home. So far that is the only thing I forgot, I hope. I had a book with all the Fort Lauderdale hotels in and I started calling some whose names looked familiar (almost 300 hotels listed - ours wasn't one of them).

After about three calls with no luck, I called Deb back home and asked if she could find our paperwork. She found it right away and gave us our confirmation number (ALWAYS WRITE THAT DOWN). However, I changed to a smaller planner and didn't have it written down.

Anyway, I called and confirmed while we were in the Denver airport and when we got down here at about 10:30 p.m., there was a bottle of wine and a plate of fruit waiting for us. Nice start to our adventure.

Waiting in the lobby for the shuttle to take us to the pier. Road a airboat yesterday at Sawgrass Recreation area. Looked for alligators. Only ones found were in a cage.

Day 6, Wednesday. Went through the Panama Canal today. Quite an experience. I'm having trouble entering information on Twitter, so I'll use Facebook for now.

Day 7, Thursday. At sea. Dolphins swam beside us for awhile. Heading for Mexico.

Day 8 Friday, January 22. At sea. Reading a good book. I'm afraid I got a little sunburned.

Day 9, Saturday, January 23. I was hoping to spend a long time in a cyber cafe in Acapulco, but we anchored later than we thought and it took a long time to get everyone ashore. Went on a tour of the bay and saw the cliff divers.

Day 10. Sunday. The ship's captain conducted a nice protestant church service. Sea was pretty rough today.

Day 11. Monday, January 25. Nice smooth day. On the way to San Francisco.