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Letters From Ralph


Ralph J. Mouw, a native of Orange City, Iowa, never forgot his roots - even when he was halfway across the world during World War II.

In this collection of letters, you'll find a firsthand account of what life was like during the war at home and overseas. Although letters were heavily censored during the war years, the editors have added comments to place them in context.

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San Diego Vacation Rental

Biggest Sale of the Year
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

Jubon Juweelen's biggest sale of the year will be December 27 - 31. This is our annual pre-inventory sale. Each day we feature another product and will sell any of the product that we have on hand at 50% off. We do this so that when we do inventory in January, we don't have to count so many things.

Tuesday, December 27

This includes all Gutermann thread, Dill buttons, a little yarn, some very nice Belagio trim, some Velcro and Wright products, plus a few other things.

Wednesday, December 28
Disc golf items

This includes mainly discs, but also a few miscellaneous disc golf items.

Thursday, December 29
Wooden shoes and wooden shoe slippers

This does not include anything we would have to send for, just items that we have on hand. However, that is still a large selection. We also have some very small decorative wooden shoes and it does include them.

Friday, December 30
Puzzles, books, jewelry and other Dutch things that don't fit into other days

We have quite a large selection of puzzles, both new and old. The jewelry is made by Juliana and includes necklaces, bracelets, rings and key chains. Our books are both new and used. The new ones are mostly Dutch related, some by local authors.

Saturday, December 31
Dutch food

We have some chocolate letters left, chocolate St. Nicks, coffee, a few bags of cookies and some miscellaneous.

We will open at 10:07 every morning and be open until 5:13 every afternoon except for Saturday when we will close at 3:13 p.m. We are located at 204 Iowa Avenue NW in Orange City and will set up the specials for the day in the garage -- weather permitting.


Fun Facts by Innova Disc Golf
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

At the end of November Innova put out a newsletter that contained a lot of interesting facts.

  • The PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) took 41 years to gain its first 100,000 members
  • The next 100,000 members signed up in less than a tenth of that time.
  • Since reaching 200,000 in less than one year, the PDGA has already issued another 40,000 PDGA numbers
  • Conservatively, at least 4,000,000 people play disc golf globally

In 1976 the PDGA issued its first PDGA number to "Steady" Ed Headrick, PDGA #1. Both Jim and Juliana knew Steady Ed. In fact, Jim knew him quite well and even partnered with him in a few doubles events over the years. I met him myself. He is deceased now and he had his ashes mixed in with some discs. The number 100,000 was issued in 2017 and on December 24, 2021, the number 200,000 was issued. Juliana's number is 7438 and Jim Oates number is 3351.

A few more facts:

  • ON average, 5.28 courses are built every day
  • There are estimated to be over 15,000 courses globally
  • Over 70% of all disc courses were built in the last ten years
  • There are disc golf courses in over 80 countries worldwide
  • There is one new disc golf course put into the ground every 4 1/2 hours or one new hole every 30 minutes or less.
  • The top paid athletes in disc golf make seven figures a year in sponsorship agreements alone
  • The average MPO (men) 1st place payout at DGPT Elite Series and PDGA Major events has nearly tripled since 2019
  • The average FPO (women) 1st place payout at DGPT Elite Series and PDGA Major events has nearly quadrupled since 2019
  • 2022 saw the highest single season tournament earnings from a player in both the MPO and FPO, each winning over $100,000 dollars
  • The minimum payout for players who qualified for the DGPT Championship in 2022 was the same as the 1st place payout given to the winners of the same event in 2019


Disc Golf
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

Juliana and Jim will be touring again this year starting with the DGMT - The Old Goats Challenge in Escondido, California on February 20, 2023. We are hoping to get a new TV so that we can follow them on the big screen rather than on our small computer. Currently Jubon Juweelen has many commemorative disc golf items for sale on Shop Iowa online. If you go to shopiowa.com and then type in Jubon Juweelen you can see many discs from both Jim and Juliana (new and used) for sale. I also have some other items here in our store, some shirts, towels, quivrs, etc.


Book Reviews
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

It's such a busy time of the year, that I'm going to skip the book reviews this month. Besides, I need to get the newsletter completed and I don't have time to do the reviews. -- Next month.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE. It was wonderful not to have the Covid restrictions this year and I hope we never have them again.


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