Volume 13 Issue 2

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  • Sale on Facebook
  • Tulip Festival
  • Tiny Room Challenge
  • Book Reviews
  • Wooden Shoes
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Letters From Ralph


Ralph J. Mouw, a native of Orange City, Iowa, never forgot his roots - even when he was halfway across the world during World War II.

In this collection of letters, you'll find a firsthand account of what life was like during the war at home and overseas. Although letters were heavily censored during the war years, the editors have added comments to place them in context.

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Sale on Facebook
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

We are running a sale on Facebook right now. If you aren't tuned into our Facebook account, I'll repeat here, however, there are also quite a few pictures of the items on Facebook.

After Christmas sale. Jubon Juweelen is having an after Christmas sale on Christmas candy and winter hats while supplies last. We will deliver free of charge on orders over $10.00 within 15 miles of Orange City. We will deliver further, but have to charge mileage for anything over 15 miles.

Items for sale include chocolate letters both milk and dark chocolate. These are made by DeHeer in Rotterdam and sell for .84 cents each. They have been making these since 1896. Also on sale are very warm winter hats made by Juliana. They originally sold for $38.00 each and are on sale for $15.00 each while supply lasts. A hand knitted stocking cap will sell for $6.00.

Now for our real goodies. We have five puzzles left for sale. We only have one of each and they are all used except the Brasilia Sky, which is new. My daughter is a puzzle connoisseur. These were all hers and are quite unusual. First come, first served. It would be better to call, because I don't always check my e-mails right away (712-737-8920). The Brasilia Sky puzzle is 27 x 20 and 1000 pieces and sells for $20.00. The Kiss is Museum Quality, 1000 pieces and sells for $15.00. The Street Car scene is 1500 pieces, made in Turkey and if you miss a piece, they will send you another one free of charge. It sells for $15.00. The Just Married puzzle (man and woman on bicycle) also was made in Turkey and sells for $15.00. The cartoon collection puzzle is 1000 pieces and sells for $15.00.

This ad is a little different from the one in Facebook because several of the items have sold out already and I just eliminated them.


Tulip Festival
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

I still don't have any details, but I do know that it hasn't been cancelled yet. If we have it, and I hope we do, I suspect it will be modified in some ways, but, hopefully I will have more details in the March newsletter. I did hear a doctor on TV say that he thinks the U.S.A. will have some herd immunity to Covid by April. I know a lot of people disagree with that, but it sounds hopeful at least.


Juliana's Tiny Room Challenge
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

Juliana participated in the Tiny Room Free Style challenge and succesfully defended her title by taking first place. This unconventional Freestyle Frisbee competition is contested over a zoom call and was live streamed to the world. In the women's division, contestants were from Nigeria, Columbia, the Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, and all over the United States. The head judge was from Berlin, Germany. It is amazing what we have learned to do on Zoom and other forms of communication since this pandemic started.

Another exciting event is the coming of a new disc featuring all of Juliana's major World Titles (11 of them). She is a five time disc golf World Champion (PDGA), 2 time Freestyle Frisbee World Champion (FPA) and 4 times Flying Disc Overall World Champion (WFDF). The new disc design is still being finalized, but it will likely look something like this. 11x

Jubon Juweelen will have a few golf discs with this design available in house. If we do not have what you need, search for the "JK Disc & Artifact Collectors Club" facebook page for a plethora of options.


Book Reviews
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

I'll review three books that I've read the past month.

The Old Contemptibles by Martha Grimes

This book was kind of different. I like to get to know the authors of the books I read and Martha Grimes has some interesting characteristics. For one, she was born the same year as my husband, 1931. Her website says she has a book (sometimes two) every year for the past 25 years. She is principally a mystery writer and the book I'll review takes place mainly in England plus a little in Italy. She is a vegan who donates 2/3 of her royalties to animal abuse organizations across the country. The Old Contemptibles was written in 1991 and at that time Martha lived in Washington, D.C. This book is part of a series about Richard Jury who is a Scotland Yard Superintendent. He not only gets involved in a murder mystery, he also becomes a suspect in the case. This is a hard cover book that sells for $4.00.

Ledges by Michael Frederick.

It takes place at the Ledges near Boone, Iowa, which made it very interesting for me because I spent parts of three summers in my teenage years at a camp that was located within a few miles of where this book takes place. This book was copyrighted in 1998 and is another mystery. Another thing that made it interesting for me is that it takes place in the same time period that I was spending my summers there -- the late 50s. It is about small town Iowa life. It is written from a young boy's point of view. His beautiful divorced mother marries an older man nicknamed Dutch who ends up not being a real nice step-father. Although very wealthy he was so tight that he made the kids use an outdoor toilet during the day so they didn't use water to flush the toilet in the house. It starts out kind of different, but ended up being an interesting read. It is a paperback and sells for $3.00. Michael Frederick is a prolific writer and this was his first novel.

The Reversal by Michael Connelly

Both my husband and I enjoyed the book I reviewed last month by Michael Connelly so much (The Brass Verdict) that I ordered another book by him, The Reversal. This book has a copyright date of 2010 and takes place in the Los Angeles area. It has the same main character as his last book, Micky Haller, who previously was a defense attorney, but in this book he works for the prosecution. The story is about a man who was convicted of killing a little girl 24 years ago, but through new DNA testing, gets a new trial. It is mainly a court room battle, but is hard to put down. Michael Connelly has written many book and is a former newspaper reporter who has won numerous awards for his journalism and his novels. He spends his time in California and Florida. This is a hard cover book and costs $4.00.


Wooden Shoes
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

If we do have our Tulip Festival, don't forget that you can get your wooden shoes at Jubon Juweelen. We have four different designs with the plain ones being the most popular. We give a discount of $3.00 a pair if you are going to be taking part in Dutch dancing, the Tulip parade or any part of the festival. You can also purchase our plain shoes on the Tulip Festival website octulipfestival.com and click on the "Shop" button on the left hand side of the page.


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