Volume 12 Issue 10

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  • Covid Hits Home
  • Christmas Chocolate
  • End of Year Sale
  • Holiday Boutique
  • Juliana tries commentating
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Letters From Ralph


Ralph J. Mouw, a native of Orange City, Iowa, never forgot his roots - even when he was halfway across the world during World War II.

In this collection of letters, you'll find a firsthand account of what life was like during the war at home and overseas. Although letters were heavily censored during the war years, the editors have added comments to place them in context.

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Covid Hits Home
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

Well, this past month Covid hit home as both my husband and I and one of our best friends all tested positive for it. I had a slight cough and since it is so easy to get tested and since we have so many in Sioux County with the condition, I thought that I would get tested. However, I wasn't prepared for the answer -- it was positive. By the time I received my results, all symptoms were gone, my cough was cleared up and I really didn't give it a thought that it might be positive. Because I was positive, my 89 year old husband thought it would be a good idea for him to be tested, too. Again -- positive. We are both through our quarantine period now and neither of us had any more symptoms than a very mild cold. One of our best friends had it, too, (he is 94 years old). He did get the terrible tiredness that often comes with it. However, he is much better now and will be over his quarantine by the time this newsletter comes out. We are all hoping that we have some immunity now, but we will continue to be cautious because there are so many unknowns about all of this. We did close the store during our quarantine time, but now we are open again.


Christmas Chocolates
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

We ordered a large order of Christmas foods last summer already and they should be coming in before our next newsletter. If you want Christmas letters, you might want to call and order the specific letters (first come, first served) because we don't always get a lot of each letter and if you want to be sure and get certain letters, please let us know and we will save those for you. We also ordered a lot of the Sea Salt Caramels this year. If those don't sell, my husband and I love them and will not minding finishing up anything that doesn't sell. We will also be getting in some new white peppermints that are supposed to be softer (doubt if they'll last a whole sermon), some chocolate Santas, and more.


Pre Inventory Sale
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

We are still planning on our biggest sale of the year -- our pre inventory sale between Christmas and New Years. We'll give details in our November newsletter, but just to remind you, we have 50% off one day sales on everything we have on hand. We started this our first year so we could get our inventory down a little before we have to count everything. We still do account for everything we have and it often takes a month to count everything, therefore, we like to pare things down a little before we start.


Sioux Center Public Library Holiday Boutique
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

At this time we are still planning on having a table at the Holiday Boutique that will be held on Saturday, November 21. Renae Vander Schaaf and Jubon Juweelen have tables reserved where you first enter the library right in the hall. We will specialize in the books we have written, but I'll also have our Dutch chocolates and probably some good sale items, too, including some warm home made hats. Unless Covid changes these plans, look for us on November 21. That's before our next newsletter comes out. I'm not sure if Orange City is planning on any Holiday events where we can bring our items, or not. You can always come to our home location, but sometimes it is fun to see a group of vendors together.


Juliana Commentates for the Women's National Championships
By Owner: Bonnie Meier

Earlier this month, daughter, Juliana Korver, was the commentator with Hannah McBeth for the Women's National Championship disc golf tournament in Rock Hill, South Carolina. This was quite surprising as Juliana is naturally quite introverted and she didn't think she could talk for 5 1/2 hours. However, it evidently went very well. There is probably no one out there that understands women's disc golf better than Juliana and I'm sure she could explain what was happening as well or better than most people out there. She said she sat in a little studio with about 12 different feeds coming in so they could keep their eye on everything that was happening. She said that when she walked into the studio it was quite an eye opener because this is actually what Juliana does for a living -- writes software to help people in broadcasting.


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